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Half day boat tours


Island Hop Day Cruise – MARULA

23ft private speed boat is comfortable and fast and our crew will take you to the most beautiful sceneries that Phuket's surrounding got to offer

Island Hop Day Cruise – SABI SPEEDBOAT

Rang Yai, the Kai Islands, and Maithon Island
. These are all very pretty islands, with lovely beaches and opportunities for swimming and snorkeling...
half Day1 Phuket boat tours

Phuket Half Day 1 Yacht / Boat Cruise

Visit Naka, Rang Yai and Phae Islands (Phae is a Sand Bank and is tide depndent).
one Hop Phuket boat tours

One Hop Getaway

Visit Rang Yai Island, Chock Dee Island and Koh Khai Island.

Phuket Day Charter Cruise – 8 hours – Silver Lining

This beautiful yacht is all Luxury, a very strong boat run by an excellent crew and is in immaculate condition. SILVERLINING has already sailed around the world.

Island Hop Day Cruise – SHA-SHI

SHA-SHI is in its own category, somewhere between a speedboat and a luxury catamaran, and the price reflects this, lower priced than our larger Leopard catamarans, but higher priced than an average ordinary Phuket speedboat.
half Day2 Phuket boat tours

Phuket Half Day 2 Yacht / Boat Cruise

Visit Rang Yai Island, Chock Dee Island and Koh Khai Island.
Loh Sama Bay cruise

Phuket Day Charter Cruise – 8 hours – SHASHANI

gorgeous - for day cruises she can take up to 15 passengers, (maybe a few more)

Phuket Day Charter – 8 hours – SANYATI

Our favourite and most popular cruise is to Maithon Island, where the waters are as clear as crystal, the snorkelling excellent and there is a good chance of spotting a pod of Dolphins.

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